IL Concave Pushbutton Orange

IL Concave Pushbutton Orange


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The IL PSL-L is a high quality arcade button, which features a cool looking translucent design, concave plunger and has a long stem, which makes this button suitable for mounting in metal or wood control panels and requires a 28mm mounting hole. This arcade button is available in a choice of cool looking translucent colours and is guaranteed to give your arcade project a sleek modern look. The IL PSL-L push-button is supplied with a fixing ring and a microswitch with 4.8mm terminals.

Microswitch option:
Customers can choose from 2 microswitch options for this button. If you want the absolute best microswitch option, the Cherry D44X is the one to choose. The Cherry D44X microswitch is very high quality and features a soft click and low actuation force.

Product features:
* Translucent design
* Concave plunger
* Long stem
* High quality
* Choice of cool looking colours
* Microswitch has 4.8mm terminals
* Ideal for mounting in wood or metal control panels
* Mounts in a 28mm mounting hole

Wiring Information:
This arcade button requires 4.8mm crimped wires for connection.
1 wire for ground connection (CO) and 1 wire for signal connection (NO).
Pre-crimped 4.8mm wires and 4.8mm daisy chain ground harness can be ordered here:
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